Spring Pictures

Hello Parents of 314,

I sent spring photos home today. If you would like to purchase some or all of the photos, please return the money in the envelope provided. Return any photos that you don’t want to purchase by March 18th. Thank you!


Student-Led Conferences

Quarter three conferencing is just around the corner! Our final week will be reserved for these meetings. All parents are invited to schedule a student-led conference during this time. It is independent from the teacherStudent-led conferences are an opportunity for your child to review his/her work with you. They will also showcase some of the learning environment (classroom). This allows for multiple conferences to occur at the same time.

I am attaching the sign-up form here. Please select your choice of day and time on the grid by typing your child’s name in your preferred time slot. Once a name is in a slot, that time is no longer available. Make sure your child is able to attend the conference during the time you choose.

Ms. Ruiz 🙂

Wrapping Up…



Dear Parents,

As you all know, today will be my last day of work for this school year.  I am heading into my 8th month of pregnancy with my son and have much to get ready for as my husband and I enter parenthood.  I’m beyond excited and thrilled to finally be a Mom. 🙂  I have called your children, my “kids” all year as they have truly left such a warm mark on my heart.

We are fortunate to have Ms. Joana Ruiz  available to take over for the remainder of the year.  As I’ve mentioned before, she has completed her student teaching requirements right here at Camarena (in Mrs. Elsmore’s class)  and she is familiar with our school culture and community.  She will have the support of the 5th grade team, and has been highly endorsed by the Camarena administration. We are confident she will maintain the same level of high quality instruction you have received this year.  I have high expectations that your children will be on their best behavior while I am away and continue to make daily positive choices in and out of class.  She can be best reached by email: joanaruiz@camarenaelementary.com

It has been a pleasure working with each of you and your children! I hope to come back to visit before the end of the year to introduce my son to the class. I know they have been very excited to meet baby turtle (we still need a name for him).


If you need anything at all, please feel free to contact me on my personal email: Kerryann.Alcantara@gmail.com


Mrs. Alcantara

Weekly Snapshot

Hi Parents,

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.  As you know, this will be my last week before going on maternity leave.  Ms. Ruiz will be shadowing me this Thursday and will officially start on Monday, January 25.   Her letter of introduction was on the reverse side of the info letter I sent home last week.  As I’ve mentioned before, every week the 5th grade team meets for several hours after school to map out our collaborative lesson plans and design units of study together.  As such, every 5th grader at Camarena is learning essentially the same thing at the same time.  The 5th grade team will continue this format with Ms. Ruiz who has already been diligently attending our planning meetings.   Here’s an overview of what the students will be working on this quarter:

  • Science: identifying the different spheres of the Earth and how they interact
  • Social Studies: how the colonies transformed into the United States
  • Writing: Speech Contest; developing well-supported opinions using evidence from a variety of resources
  • Math: multiplying and dividing fractions
  • Language Arts: comprehension; roots and affixes; book clubs

We will also complete Physical Education Testing in the next few weeks. If you’d like more information, click here.

We’ll also be kicking off Jump Rope for Heart this Friday.  Be on the look-out for info and forms!

Please let me know if you have any questions!  Have a great week.

Quarter 3 News


Hi Parents,

Happy New Year!  I hope you are all rejuvenated and excited for the upcoming year.  I explained to the students today that, just like we do every quarter, we are starting fresh this year with brand new instructional units.  This quarter we’ll dive into multiplication and division of fractions and decimal fractions, begin our study of the American Revolution, begin our new read aloud: Chains, and start a new genre of writing (opinion).   Likewise, each student’s Dojo account has been reset to allow a clean slate for behavior and homework for this quarter.  In other news,  I have sent home a double-sided letter with each student to go over some important news.  Please review it and feel free to ask any clarifying questions.   Have a great week!




Hi Parents,

We had a great day today at the AMC theater with the other 5th grade classes. Thank you to the parent volunteers that helped chaperone our afternoon.  Everyone else –  enjoy your sugar-laden kiddos tonight. 🙂  Please be sure to check their backpacks tonight – I sent home their quarter 2 report cards as well as the graded module 3 math test that they took yesterday.  I’ve attached the rubric and scoring guide for your reference.  Please sign and return the math tests by tomorrow.  The report cards are yours to review and keep (I have a copy – no need to return those).

For tomorrow, we’ll be celebrating the end of the quarter with a breakfast celebration.  Students can wear PJ’s if they’d like and bring a board game or arts and crafts for our Dojo Party to follow.

Module 3 Rubric

Have a great evening!